This map includes 17 different redstone traps which can be used to outsmart other players and steal their stuff. Basically they include some type of lure such as getting them to mine a diamond ore or open a chest. This action will then activate the trap which will either kill them or trap them in a room. Set up these traps in and around your base to protect yourself again thieves.

That’s a big chest and it probably contains lots of treasures. But as you open the chest you will be in for a surprise..

17 Traps Map

The following traps are probably the best ones as it’s almost impossible to detect it’s a trap unless you knew of it before of course. Once the diamond ore destroyed it will activate the trap.

The first one is a lava trap. Quickly get out of there or you’ll get burnt by the lava.

17 Traps Map

In this trap loads of sand will drop down from the ceiling and suffocate you.

17 Traps Map

A poisonous arrow will be shot out of the dropper.

17 Traps Map

There are more than 10 other traps to explore but most of them are quite difficult to showcase with just images so we’ll leave them for you to explore by yourself.

Download links for 17 Traps Map

Download from server 1

Download from server 2