How to install 4 Real Texture Pack for Minecraft

  • 1. Double click the .bat opens up Minecraft then once logged in click on the Texture Pack button.
  • 2. On the bottom Click on Open texture pack folder.
  • 3. Drag the 4 Real Zip into that folder (just drag and drop) and your done click done.
  • Note: Before you click download! you need both files  4 Real and 4 Real Part 2.
    (Why two? because he cant upload it as one file it is to big! but it runs fine.
    Download 4 Real and 4 Real part two. Take the files in part two and drop them into the 4 Real zip)
  • Optifine HD is needed.
  • Takes 3 minutes ruffly for it to load it in it is a big file but 1gb graphics card can easily handle this.

4 Real part 1:

4 Real part 2: