The armor stand is a real feature in the PC version of Minecraft. For now though it’s only accessible in Minecraft Pocket Edition by the use of mods like this one. It adds one new item to the game which can be used for spawning the armor stand entity.

Armor stands are the perfect way to keep your armor sets on display rather than keeping them hidden in chests where they are easily forgotten. And yes, it works for version 0.15!

How to use?

Find the armor stand item in your creative inventory. The item icon looks like a stick. Tap with the stick on the ground to spawn the armor stand. (Make sure you’ve set difficulty to max. Otherwise there’s a chance it won’t work.)

By default it doesn’t have any items. Tap on the armor stand with armor items to add them to the stand.

Armor Stand

To retrieve the items again simply kill the armor stand and it will drop them.

Armor Stand

The armor stand can be used to display any type of armor set, even mixed ones.

Armor Stand

Download links for Armor Stand Mod for MCPE

JS: Download from server 1

Download from server 2