Baby Player is an addon which makes it possibility to become a baby (also known as a small person) in Minecraft Pocket Edition. The best thing is that it works for any custom skin. This is purely a visual mod as it doesn’t actually change any characteristics of the player (e.g. health or strength).

The player player is much smaller than the ordinary player model. It works perfectly fine for custom skins. The only downside which I found by using this mod was that any item you hold in your hand looks glitched. You can still use the item but visually it looks bad.

Baby Player Addon

You’ll be slightly taller than a baby villager. Quite adorable, don’t you think? I know, his eyes look a bit spooky but whatever! If you want this baby skin you can get it by clicking here.

Baby Player Addon 1

You could actually use this addon to turn into Ant-Man. Drink some strength and speed potions and you are soon just like him!

Baby Player Addon 2

Important: This addon works only for the 0.16.0 beta version. Android users can get it byclicking here and the rest of you will simply have to wait for the official release of 0.16.0 to be released in October to use this modification.

Install it just the same way as you install texture packs. Installation will likely work a bit different in 0.16.0 of Minecraft PE, but if so we’ll just add more install guides to help you out.

Download links for Baby Player for MCPE

Download from server 1

Download from server 2