The beacon is one of the default features in Minecraft for PC which now exists as a mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Build a pyramid of blocks and place the beacon on the center top. Short after a light beam will shoot up into the sky which can provide players in the vicinity a number of different powers.

Beacon Activation

To activate a beacon you will need a build a pyramid. The size of the pyramid will impact the power of the beacon. You can use any of the following blocks to construct a pyramid: diamond blocks, iron blocks, gold blocks or emeralds blocks. Mix it up as you want.

  • Beacon (600) – 5 glass blocks + 1 nether star + 3 obsidians
  • Nether Star (399) – 3 wither skeleton mob heads + 4 soul sand
  • Wither Skeleton Mob Heads (397:1)

The following are the supported sizes for the structure:

  • 3×3, Beacon
  • 5×5, 3×3, Beacon
  • 7×7, 5×5, 3×3, Beacon
  • 9×9, 7×7, 5×5, 3×3, Beacon

Beacon PE Mod


The beacon can be used for providing powers to players who are within a set vicinity of the beacon. But to keep everything balanced it needs emeralds, diamonds, gold or iron ingots to fuel it. Tap on the beacon on top of the structure to open the beacon GUI (graphical user interface).

The first thing which you need to select is the primary power to use. In this case I will select the “Jump Boost” (rabbit). Then we need to add a power source which in this case I will use as a diamond.

Once we’ve selected these two things there will be a green check mark which you must tap to create the selection.

Beacon PE Mod

And as you can see, as long as we are within a close vicinity of the beacon structure we’ll get the jump boost effect.

Beacon PE Mod

The Beacon is a default feature in Minecraft for PC. If you want more information about how the Beacon works then check out the wiki

Install Guide

  1. Download the .modpkg file. If the file extension is .zip then just rename it to .modpkg
  2. Use BlockLauncher to import the file. Make sure to let BlockLauncher reload before entering a world to play.
  3. Done!

Download links for Beacon PE Mod for MCPE

PKG: Download from server 1

Download from server 2