About BoxCraft Texture Pack 1.5.2

This is BoxCraft! Boxxy like textures, to give some interesting looks to Minecraft!





How to install BoxCraft Texture Pack for Minecraft


  • 1. Download BoxCraft (of course)
  • 2. Press Windows Key+R
  • 3. Type “%appdata%” then press Enter
  • 4. Click “.minecraft”
  • 5. Then click and drag “BoxCraft” and drop it into “texturepacks” (or “resourcepacks”)

Mac OSX:

  • 1. Download BoxCraft (of course)
  • 2. Put “minecraft” icon, into an empty folder on your desktop.
  • 3. Open “BoxCraft”, then click and drop its contents into the empty folder with the minecraft icon in it.
  • 4. Your done.
  • (Note: This is the simplest way. For odd reasons Mac’s Minecraft directory is little weird, with the simple texturepack area. There is a way to fix it, but I can’t explain here. Please search on Google or YouTube for that tutorial)


  • 1. Download BoxCraft (of course)
  • 2. Open your Home folder
  • 3. Now in the location, type /home/[Username here]/.minecraft/
  • 4. Now click and drag “BoxCraft” and drop it into “texturepacks” (or “resourcepacks”)


For 1.5

Coming soon

For 1.4