Bukkit Jail - The best jail ever !

Bukkit Jail is a simple Bukkit plugin for sending criminals players into a jail. The jail can be in another world if you want… :)

Thanks to OutGame for helping me to translate this page ;)

This plugin uses MCStats and the Gravity’s Updater.

Commands and permissions

Command - Permission - Description (please note that [Parameters] are optionnals.)

/jail <Player> [reason] [time] - bukkitjail.jail - Jail the player <Player> because [reason] for [time].

/unjail <Player> - bukkitjail.release - Release the player <Player>.

/setjail - bukkitjail.setjail - Set the jail to your current location.


Please edit the config file only when your server is stopped !

JailedPlayers - The jailed players.

TimeUnits - The time units (when you jail a player for [time]).

CheckForUpdates - /Ex : true - If you want the plugin to check for updates and download them, false if not.


World - Ex : jail - The world name of the jail. Can be a custom world or a default world. If the world doesn’t exist, it will be created.
X - Ex : 1000 - The X coord of the jail.
Y - Ex : 50 - The Y coord of the jail.
Z - Ex : 2000 - The Z coord of the jail.
Yaw - Ex : 10 - The Yaw of the teleport location for the jail.
Pitch - Ex : 0 - If you don not know what is it, please leave 0.


Interact - Ex : false - Allow the jailed players to interact with left and right click.
Chat - Ex : true - Allow the jailed players to chat.
UseCommand - Ex : false - Allow the jailed players to use commands.
CanMove - Ex : true - Allow the jailed players to move.
OpenInventory - Ex : true - Allow the jailed players to open their inventories.


Allow you to customize the message of this plugin.

That’s all, good game !  :)

For bugs reports and features request please make a ticket request.

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