Cops N Robbers is a fun minigame suitable for multiplayer. It takes place in a prison where a bunch of locked up criminals (players) decides to break out of the prison. It’s the warden’s job to keep everyone inside and kill anyone who tries to escape. It’s really exciting to play as you have to somehow find a way out of the cell and then a way out of the prison, preferably without being seen.

Cops N Robbers

How to play?

This map requires at least two players but preferably more than that. There are two teams in the map:

  • Robbers (minimum 1 player): Break out of their cells and escape the prison
  • Warden (in charge of the prison) (max 1 player): Guard the cells and kill anyone who is escaping the prison

Begin by deciding which teams each player should be on. Then step on the correct pressure plate to be led to the starting area.

As soon as it begins the robbers will have to try and find a way out of prison. There are some instructions in the map for the most part players have to come up with their own solutions.


  • Don’t break blocks
  • Warden is not allowed to climb down the shaft.
  • Max 1 warden!

Cops N Robbers

Cops N Robbers

Download links for Cops N Robbers Map

Download from server 1

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