Flammarilva was originally the author of this mod, but due to his circumstances could not continue development so he released the project as open source. Then Armbrust took the initiative to revive the mod, and brought together a small team to accomplish that. So huge thanks to Flammarilva for the awesome mod, and also to Armbrust for getting the ball rolling again.

Shadowbeast007 and Microjunk have both put in an insane amount of effort these past few weeks to get the mod up to the point that we can start releasing. The majority of the mod was rewritten to Forge standards, with many many more changes planned.




  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Run Minecraft once to generate mod folder
  • Extract Fossil-Archeology-Revival-Mod into /minecraft/mods/Fossil-Archeology. It needs to have a  Fossil-Archeology folder, if it doesn’t exist, create it.

If you see: cpw.mods.fml.common.LoaderException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: fossil.Fossil in your error message, double check your folders.



  • Fixed Dodo DNA not dropping from frozen meat
  • Fixed dodo foot texture being backwards
  • Fixed Cultivated Dodo Egg not coming out of Cultivator
  • Fixed issue when mining a feeder and it returning the wrong one
  • Some herbivores will also eat flowers now
  • Cultivators spawn in academies instead of diamond blocks (oops)
  • Fixed some language things – es_ES should load now
  • Added Pachycephalosaurus
  • Fixed issue with health being initialized wrong-dinosaurs now hatch with correct health
  • Fixed issue where t-rex would never go into a weakened state (taming should work now)

For 1.5.2!ZZoxQaiI!NMs8DxVOqJJVbstWCUJtbz__3yh1PVH0M6-Ut181DbI

For 1.4.7!Z8MkXaTL!ATeCnnh3oa76_ksnWByKtU9ppmVnpa0SrDaDuA2pj4s

Fossil/Archeology Revival Mod, 4.7 out of 5 based on 26 ratings