Hey Guys!

Ive been enjoying the community’s modpacks and figured heck i might contribute also, so i made my first IC2 Futuristic Post Apocalyptic modpack for you guys to try out.

Story: The year is 2182 mankind reached its peak AI Robotics, and almost all of humanity is free of general labor, mars expeditions peak the dawn of a new era, with greed and hate gone from the evolved society, It sparked the race for the single most ultimate energy Black Matter.

Black Matter & The Discovery of it brought forth the most catastrophic event in human history,
the destruction of earth resources and life, separating the earth and mars Into two different worlds, the few remaining humans with the limited resources on mars, formed the New Eden Initiative.

The Eden Initiative Society Agreed to leave the final reminiscent of the primitative society on earth to form a new higher order in evolution on mars.

With the complete destruction of green life, new life started forming with what remained on earth, Black purple energy.

Are you Ready to rebuild Earth ?