InBegIn 2: Teaser is a teaser map for the upcoming sequel of the first map in the InBegIn map series. It’s a scary map with a mysterious story. You are out looking for a friend who has gone missing and soon you start finding abandoned houses and other stuff which doesn’t look good. There are multiple jumpscares in the map so it’s not a suitable map for someone faint-hearted.

Make sure to check all chests which you find. Sometimes you will find books and papers which will explain the story.

InBegIn 2

InBegIn 2


You and a close friend of yours one day decided to go out camping in the woods. When you woke up the next morning you noticed your friend had disappeared. As you start searching for your friend you come across some abandoned houses. Will you find your friend and find out why he went missing?


  • Set brightness to max
  • Set field of view to max
  • Play on easy
  • Don’t break blocks unless told otherwise
  • Collect all items you find
  • Don’t sleep!

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Download links for InBegIn 2 Map

Download from server 1

Download from server 2