How to install JaninaCraft Texture Pack for Minecraft

  • To make it work you will need the “MCPatcher HD Fix” or “OptiFine HD
  • Extract the zip-file from the “MCPatcher HD Fix” into the “.minecraft/bin” Folder
  • Double-click the “McPatcher HD Fix” into the “.minecraft/bin” Folder and click the button “patch” to patch your Minecraft.
  • Now your Minecraft is ready for any HD-texturepack!
  • Drag and drop or copy and paste your Zip-File into the folder: “.minecraft/texturepacks”
  • Now run your Minecraft and choose the texturepack under “Mods and Texture Packs” and you will be finish!
  • Have fun with the new textures!
  • WARNING: Some other mods didn’t work with the “MCPatcher HD Fix”.
  • Make sure you have a fresh version of Minecraft. To fresh up your Minecraft,
  • Delete all the stuff into the “.minecraft” folder excluding the “.minecraft/saves” folder.
  • And than start Minecraft, to download the fresh files.

For 1.5

For 1.4