This mod add new awesome swords!

To have swords: /swords


  • Lava Sword : Create a flow of lava if you attack monster…
  • Water Sword : Same lava sword but water…
  • Explosive  Sword : Create a explosion if you at… (Disponible Craft)
  • Ore Sword : Detect minerals if you click on the ground…
  • Flammes Sword : Burn monster if you attack this for 50 second…
  • Master Sword : This sword make instant kill !…
  • LifeSword : Restore 2 Hearth if you attack mob…



How to install:

  • Download and install BlockLauncher
  • Manage ModPE Scripts -> Import -> From Web Address
  • Copy and paste js URL below into the textbox

Download Links:

For 0.9.5/0.9.0/0.8.1

Java Script:

Texture Pack for mod: