This mod adds new items:

  • 470=Ak-46
  • 471=Grenade
  • 472=Bazooka
  • 473=Flame Thrower
  • 474=C4
  • 475=One Shot Gun
  • 476=Shotgun
  • 477=Knife
  • 478=Teaser
  • 479=Bandage

Function and How to!

The main gun!
Tap om the ground and start shooting!
Perfect for front combact.

A little different from the orginal.
Tap anywhere and then run away!
Some seconds later it will explode!

Our favorite gun!
Tap to shoot bombs!
Easy but destructive!

Flame Thrower
Dont try it at home!
Tap and start shooting fire everywhere!
Amazing for fighting raids!

Wherever you are and you have placed a C4 just tap that trigger butttom down at your left and it will detonate!
Effective for security!

One Shot Gun
When you are desperate!
This guns are really good but they are only one use!
Store them in your inventory and use them at the right moment!

…or grandpa’s gun!
Its like an Ak-46 just more powerful and it has a bigger range!
Use it for opening a way through enemys!

Powerful weapon!
But after the use it will break!
Use it for sneak attacks!

Everyone wants a teaser!
Use it on mobs and tease them to death!
It has a smaller damage but its amazing!

Use it when you are harmed and all you life will rise to the top!

Mod Showcases:

How to install:

  • Download and install BlockLauncher
  • Manage ModPE Scripts -> Import -> From Web Address
  • Copy and paste js URL below into the textbox

Download Links:

For MCPE 0.9.5/0.9.0/0.8.1

Java Script:

Java Script Download: