The More Pistons Mod adds five new types of pistons to Minecraft Pocket Edition. All pistons can be toggled by the use of a redstone signal and each of them can push and pull a unique length of blocks. As of version 0.13 redstone exists in Minecraft but so far we haven’t got any pistons. If you are tired of waiting for an official update of the game then give this mod a try – it works very well and even adds in a couple of new pistons never (officially) seen in any Minecraft version before!

More Pistons Mod for MCPE

Normal Pistons

Here are two normals pistons. The one to the left is just an ordinary one and the one to the right is a sticky piston.

The sticky piston pulls one of the blocks back while the normal one doesn’t.

More Pistons Mod for MCPE

Double Pistons

These pistons have a double extension and can push and pull blocks two blocks instead of just one.

More Pistons Mod for MCPE

Triple Pistons

The triple pistons have the ability to pull and push three blocks.

More Pistons Mod for MCPE

Quadruple Pistons

The quadruple pistons are able to pull and push blocks a total length of four blocks.

More Pistons Mod for MCPE

Ultra Sticky Piston

This sticky piston has the ability to pull back any length of blocks.

More Pistons Mod for MCPE

Piston IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Piston (normal) (199) – 5 wood + 2 cobblestone + 1 iron ingot + 1 redstone
  • Sticky Piston (200) – 1 piston + 1 slimeball
  • Double Piston (202) – 2 pistons
  • Double Sticky Piston (203) – 2 sticky pistons
  • Triple Piston (204) – 3 pistons
  • Triple Sticky Piston (205) – 3 sticky pistons
  • Quadruple Piston (206) – 4 pistons
  • Quadruple Sticky Piston (207) – 4 sticky pistons
  • Ultra Sticky Piston (208) – 8 slimeballs + 1 piston
  • Piston Extension (201)
  • Fake Redstone Block (209)

Download links for More Pistons Mod for MCPE

JS: Download from server 1

Download from server 2