Villagers aren’t exactly lazy. They are often seen running around all over the place. If you want an easy way to move them around then install this mod to be able to put a leash on them and have them follow you around like a horse. You can even tie them to a pole if you get tired of them and want them to chill down.

How does it work?

Use a lead on a villager (the same way it’s done on horses) to tie a leash around his neck. As you walk he will follow you around until he’s released or tied to a pole.

Move Villagers Mod

Tap on a fence block to tie the villager to the pole. It’s not exactly the most humane way to treat people but it’s good if you don’t want them running around uncontrollably.

Move Villagers Mod

Important: This mod works for 0.15.3 but you will need the latest BlockLauncher beta!

To install the mod you will need ES File Explorer. Open the downloads folder and then select the apk file to install the mod. (This is a BlockLauncher addon!)

Download links for Move Villagers Mod for MCPE

APK: Download from server 1

Download from server 2