No Particles is a resource pack which removes all particles (e.g. rain, snow, redstone particles etc) from the game to improve game speed and reduce possible lag. It’s a great modification (similar to Optifine for PC) if you are running Minecraft Pocket Edition on a low-end device, but also for people who just want to experience the game without the particles.


  • No water splashing
  • No redstone particles
  • No explosion smoke particles
  • No rain and snowflakes
  • Killed mobs no longer cause smoke particles
  • There might be more!
  • No villager particles

As this texture pack filters and removes particles from the game there’s not much we can do demonstrate this. Here are a few images just so you can see that it actually works.

Hitting a villager no longer cause any angry villager particles.

No Particles

An ignited TNT block no longer displays any particles either.

No Particles

Sometimes you might have noticed that redstone emits red particles, but no more, they have been completely removed.

No Particles

Killing mobs no longer cause the white smoke particles.

No Particles

Download links for No Particles Texture Pack

Download from server 1

Download from server 2