One Resource Pack is a photo realistic texture pack for Minecraft 1.10.2 (You can try it with previous versions, in some runs smoothly while others may have small visual bugs). One Resource Pack ‘s resolution is 128×128 and is ready to Forge and Optifine. It is compatible with most mods and supports shaders.

One Resource Pack

One Resource Pack

One Resource Pack

One Resource Pack

Some of the most striking features is that it is fast and agile despite its high quality graphics so the game thrives well on low and mid-range machines and/or online sessions:

  • It includes variety of Zombies, Endermen, Creepers and other mobs with horrifying aspect from Lovecraftian universe.
  • Original tools and weapons have been modified and now his appearance is epic: Weapons from SoulCalibur, Warcraft, Skyrim, Devil May Cry and TV series like Game of Thrones or movies like 300. Blocks as Prismarine and End Stone are animated, improving the gameplay. Music is a perfect accompaniment during the game and some Villagers may greet you with “Valar Morghulis”.
  • As for the atmosphere and environment, the night skies have falling stars and lunar eclipses, while snow and rain are dense and even annoying, adding difficulty to the game environment.
  • Increased the variety of random plants in the field so the plains and forests are no longer so monotonous. You will find from peach to agapantus while you are inspecting the world.
  • Some details of textures: Cobblestone stones are based on the Central Inca constructions, the dispenser and quartz textures are from ancient Rome, some crystals have been modified to be medieval stained glass windows and rosettes.
  • Surfaces such as sand, snow, grass and others have high quality without overlays with minor impact on gameplay bringing a good FPS rate and increase performance allowing set the settings to a minimum values but maintaining high quality.

There are many more surprises in One Resource Pack (try the pumpkin helmet or look at the oath that there is stamped on the pillow of the bed).

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Read Credits file in the pack folder for more details.

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