This mod adds 5 new potions that will help and not help you in your game.


  • Awkward potion: It dont have effects.
  • Potion of poison: Removes 5 hearts.
  • Instant healing potion: Regenerate 3 hearts.
  • Instant healing potion II: Regenerate 6 hearts.
  • Potion of swiftness: Tap the ground to get more velocity and highest jump!

Also zombies drops rotten flesh. Removes 1 hearts when eaten. Spiders drops spider eye. Removes 6 hearts when eaten.

Mod Spotlight:

How to install:

  • Download the mod.
  • Then you need to open a file manager like ES File Explorer (free) for Android.
  • Then go to the file with your mods in it, and click the one you want in your MCPE game.
  • Then go to BlockLauncher (app for android) and open the in game file manager (its a button at the top of your screen) then hit the patch mods in game button.
  • Then open the file with your mods in it, and tap the one you want, and it will say Do You Want To Patch This Mod?
  • Then hit patch and now you have a mod for your MCPE game.
  • Enjoy.

Download Links: