Pre-Historic Mod is a mod for minecraft. It adds a new dimension with cool new biomes, blocks and Items. You get there using a unique portal design, and from there explore the new dimension going deep into your past. On the way you will encounter many dinosaurs including Raptors and Ceratosaurus which are violent and will do all they can to try and kill you. On the other hand there are cute and adorable dinos including Dodos, Ichthyosaurus and Gallinimus. in total there are 13 new mobs/Dinos! There are also lots of new trees that spawn that cover the land scape. Some are small whereas some are as  tall as the clouds!

The Pre-Historic Mod  requires forge, which is a API, to run. This means it is compatible with most mods. You need Minecraft Forge 6.0.1.

Getting Started:

First you will need to create a TimeBox (created like this… )

  • IDI    I = Iron L = Lever
  • RLR R = Redstone
  • IRI    D = Diamond

Once you have the time box place it in the ground and simply right click on it. When you do this if there is space in you inventory it will add the ‘Book of Knowledge’ into your inventory. The ‘Book of Knowledge’ can be used to find out about items and blocks in the mod. To find about it simply right click with the book in your hand on it will open a GUI which looks like this…

This Shows you inventory and if you put an Item or Block from this mod it to the slot above you inventory it will tell you some stuff about it and will show you what the Item can crafting into and how the item is crafted. Also when you right click the time box it will create a portal (which looks like the picture near the top of the page) and then you can walk into the portal blocks to transport you into the Past. If you start falling out the world this is normal as 1.3.2 is a server and so there is a bit of lag. You can right click the block afterwards and this will destroy the portal.

Download Links for Pre-Historic Mod: