The Raptor Tamer Mod adds a new hostile mob to the game known as the raptor. It’s a small dinosaur which can be tamed and then act as your personal bodyguard. A great thing is that they now save when you exit a world to return to it later.


The raptors do spawn in worlds but the spawn rate is low. You can use the Raptor Spawn Egg(ID: 2197) to find them more easily.

To tame a raptor you will need some raw beef and bones. Make sure to wear some armor as these are hostile mobs which you will approach. You must use the raw beef to hit the feet of the raptor to tame it. (The hitbox appears to be quite small.

Raptor Tamer Mod

As soon you’ve successfully tamed it a message will pop up saying you’ve tamed it. The raptor should by now have a nametag but there are still some things left to do.

Raptor Tamer Mod

The last thing you need to do is to use the bones to tame it. Walk up to it and long tap it with a bone and a Tame button should appear. Press the button to tame the raptor. This might take a few tries.

Raptor Tamer Mod

You can make it stand and sit similar simply by long tapping it and then press the Sit/Standbutton.

Raptor Tamer Mod


Tame raptors and build an army of raptors and you will be invincible!

Raptor Tamer Mod

Raptor Tamer Mod


Once you’ve tamed a raptor you can put a Raptor Saddle on its back. To ride it tap on it again with an empty hand. Press sneak to jump off.

  • Raptor Saddle (2468) – 8 leathers + 1 diamond

Raptor Tamer Mod


This mod requires an Internet connection in order to fully work.

Download links for Raptor Tamer Mod for MCPE

JS: Download from server 1

Download from server 2