Every 10,000 ticks a Risk will happen.

  • Your Health will be diminished to 2 (One full heart)
  • One of two things will happen.



You have a 50% chance of being teleported to a dungeon.
If you are, a diamond chestplate will be added to your inventory.

Hordes of Zombies, Spiders, and Zombie Pigman will then spawn in the dungeon (in seperate waves)

After the waves are over, you will be teleported back where you last were.
Everytime you enter the dungeon, the mobs will have +1 health.
(eg: 40 times = +40 health)

More Info:

  • The waves are as written:
  • 2 zombies
  • 1 Zombie, 1 Zombie Pigman, 1 Spider
  • 2 Zombie Pigman, 1 Spider
  • 2 Zombies
  • 1 Zombie, 1 Zombie Pigman, 1 Spider
  • 2 Zombie Pigman, 1 Spider
  • Warning: do not leave the game while in the dungeon- you wont be teleported back!

Additional Rare dungeon Item:

If you are teleported to a dungeon, you will have a rare chance to get a rare Risk Rod

Risk Rods set the opponent on fire, and automatically kills it.

It also sets a fire on the block you tap it with.

It has 200 attack durability, and 150 fire durability.

Golden Apple:

You have a 50% chance to gain a risk apple during a Risk.

The Risk Apple is a food item. It will restore most of your health.

Risk Cookie:

When given a Risk Apple, you have a 30% chance to also gain a risk cookie.

Risk cookies also heal most your health.

Risk Armor

Risk Armor gives 6 armor points when you have full pair. (hint. its actually chain)

It will appear in the crafting table under the armor tab.
Its fairly cheap to make!

When you wear risk armor:

·Less chance of being sent dungeon
·When sent to dungeon, Health isnt decreased
·Raises chances to get: Risk Rod, Firey Gem, Risk Cookie
·Killing npc’s drop 4 diamonds instead of 2

·Allows Herobrine, Sun, Moon, and NPC to drop their respective books

its called Luck Armor, btw!

has lots of durability!


Every 4500 ticks Herobrine will spawn near you.

He has 90 health- one tough opponent.

Herobrine holds a fiery gem. His base attack damage is 2.5 hearts.

Herobrine will always drop 2 tnt, unless another herobrine spawns before you kill him.

Herobrine has a 10% chance of dropping a firey gem, an Item that will set your opponent on fire, and deal 2 hearts of damage, and occasionally shoot it up into the air.

With luck armor equipped, Herobrine may drop a Book of Engraved Time

More Info

  • Currently Herobrine looks like a Zombie Pigman
  • Once He spawns, he will spawn more rapidly.
  • as of 0.4.0, herobrine is alot less common.


NPC’s will spawn every 14000 ticks, making them more rare then Risks itself.

At first, NPC’s are nice, and they dont attack you.
But if you hurt them (with a sword), they get angry.

when they are angry, they get a health boost, at 40 hearts. (double of your max)

if you kill them then, they will drop 2 DIAMONDS.

With luck Armor Equipped, NPCs will drop Books of Reverted Time AND a Book of Increased Health!

More Info:

  • NPC’s spawn somewhat more random then Herobrine, making them hard to find
  • NPC’s originally have 30 health.
  • NPC’s Texture is screwy.
  • NPC’s SHOULD hold an Iron Pickaxe.

God Creeper

Rarely god creeper will spawn.

it has 1 health,
and if it dies, blows up with explode(x,y,z,50);

Extremely Dangerous.

Extremely Rare.

However, if you kill one, you have a very small chance to get the most OP item in the game.

The creeper star.

ID: 498

Sun and Moon Mob

The sun and moon mob will spawn commonly. They are passive in the day, but angry at night.

if the player is wearing luck armor and kills them, they will drop a Book of Day or a Book of Night

the moon also drops sponge.

Menu GUI

tells all useful things such as:

how long youve played risk
when the next risk is
how much boosted health you have


Healing GUI

Up in the top left corner of your screen, You will see a button that says ‘heal’.

If you tap it, It will periodically heal you.
Every 10 times it heals you, it will set your health to full.

Rarely and Randomly, it will make you INVINCIBLE for 10 seconds.

that is all.

Sneaking GUI

Sneaking gui will appear in the top right portion of your device.

when clicked will enable/ disable sneaking.

sneaking is exactly like pc sneaking.

Sprinting GUI

Sprinting GUI will appear in the bottom left portion of your device.

when clicked will enable/ disable sprinting.

sprinting is identicle to pc, and is from whytofus sprinting script.

Reformatting GUI

Adds a button that, when clicked, will popup a text box. Enter a number and click ‘apply’ to change the GUI sizes.

50 for Phones

70 for Tablets

75 or 80 for larger tablets.

Fire GUI & Bows:

This GUI will appear in the middle of the left side of your screen.

If you are holding a bow, It will shoot one or two arrows depending, and eaxh with different power.

This is Mo’BowsMod, a mod I released February 9th on my main topic.
More info is found there.

You get bows by killing skellies.

Fire Bows will shoot flame arrows!

Death GUI

At the top of your screen, a death gui will appear.

Everytime you die, the value will be increased by one

Risk Shickaxe

The risk shickaxe is obtained by tapping a Firey Gem on a crafting table, followed by a Risk Rod.

It is a combo of a shovel, a pick, and an axe.

It mines faster than diamond tools.
Can only mine up to iron ore for now.

Afk Checker

if the player (you) stands completely still for 1200 ticks, (60 seconds) you will be marked as Afk

afk stands for away from keyboard, and when you are afk, all modTick based variables will pause.

If you are afk, just move, and a message popup saying that you are no longer afk!


The commands are:

/setVar heroTick [integer]

/setVar riskTick [integer]

/setVar npcTick [integer]

(I recommend you do not use the above commands unless you know what you are doing)



·Repairs the risk rod (as it has a duribility)


if you dont know much about the mod, some info

/shut up

mutes modTick based clientMessage

/un shut up

un mutes it

/close watch

sends a message when an npc spawns

/un close watch

doesnt send messages

/spawn OP creeper

spawns a god creeper above you

/cheat mode on

enables cheat mode

/easy mode on

enables easy mode

Custom Items

RiskRod with an ID of 369

Risk Apple with an ID of 322

Risk Cookie with an ID of 357

FireyGem with an ID of 497

Creeper Star with an ID of 498

Weak bow, 503
Ok bow, 504
Super bow, 505
Ultimate bow, 506

Super Flame bow, 467
Ultimite Flame BOw, 468

Risk Shickaxe with 507

Risk armor with ids:

508: Risk Carrot

510: Book of Engraved Time
460: Book of Reverted time
462: Book of Night
461: Book of Day
463: Book of Extended health
464: Book of Delayed Risk (5000)
465: Book of Delayed Risk (12500)
464: Book of Delayed Risk (27000)

Risk Books

510: Book of Engraved Time
460: Book of Reverted time
462: Book of Night
461: Book of Day
463: Book of Increased health
464: Book of Delayed Risk (5000)
465: Book of Delayed Risk (12500)
464: Book of Delayed Risk (27000)
473: Book of Reset Mobs

when tapping the book of engraved time, a menu will appear. here you will be able to edit the tps. (ticks per second)

be careful- the higher the number, the faster everything goes.

Book of reverted time, when tapped, will set the tps back to 20

Book of Night and Day will set the times.

Book of Increased Health adds 20 health to the player, when tapped! It heal and adds a health boost!

Books of Delayed Risk add that many ticks on to next Risk Cycle (legit way of doing it.)

Book of Reset Mobs reset the conhincrease, or the continual health increase, of the risk dungeon mobs.

Risk wand Mana, and bottles

0.7.0 adds spells, mana and more.

There are of spells to pick from. to acess the spell list, go to menu, then spells.
select a spell from there.

in order to cast a spell, you must first:
1) Make a Risk Wand
(crafting table)

2) have enough mana to cast the spell.
Every mob drops Raw Mana.
If you put four TWO raw mana and a bottle (also crraftable) in the table, you will get a bottle of Mana.

Simply tap that on something to get 1 mana.

Youll get your bottle back.

BTW, the spells are mostly projectiles.

Risk Serpenine Boss

Risk 0.9.0 adds an all new OP risk boss! its name is the serpentine, now with a custom model!

It shoots fire balls, launch spells, and hurting spells! it also explodes and can heal itself.

Can you face this mad beast?

He’s tough!

his spawn egg id is 474.

How to install: