• /ascend – Ascends the player to the platform above
  • /bind <COMMAND> [PARAMETERS] – Binds a command to a GUI button
  • /bounce <POWER> – Launches the player into the air
  • /cannon – Launches ignited TNT in the direction that the player is facing
  • /clear – Clears the player’s survival inventory
  • /coords – Shows the player’s current coordinates
  • /descend – Descends the player to the platform below
  • /explode – Sets off an explosion at the player’s location
  • /gamemode [survival|creative|s|c|0|1] – Changes the player’s gamemode
  • /give <ID|ITEMNAME> <QUANTITY> – Gives the player the specified item
  • /heal [QUANTITY] – Heals the player by the specified points
  • /health <min|max|infinite|get> – Sets the health of the player to pre-defiined figures
  • /hole – Creates a hole underneath the player
  • /ignite [SECONDS] – Sets the player on fire
  • /jump – Teleports the player to the block being looked at
  • /kill – Kills the player
  • /lbind – /bind for left handed users
  • /magiccarpet – Creates a carpet of glass underneath you
  • /panorama – Makes viewing a panorama easier
  • /spcpe – Provides generic information about SPCPE
  • /time <day|night|sunrise|sunset|midday|midnight> – Sets the in-game time
  • /tp <X> <Y> <Z> – Teleports the player to the specified coordinates
  • /unbind – Unbinds all commands from the GUI button








How to install:

  • Download and install BlockLauncher from google play.
  • Copy the js link to your clipboard.
  • Make a new folder called SPCPE, if it doesn’t exist already, on your internal storage (Usually found at /sdcard/).
  • Download config file.
  • Move this file you downloaded to the folder you created (/sdcard/SPCPE/).
  • Open BlockLauncher, and click on the wrench icon a the top of your screen.
  • Click Manage ModPE Scripts, then Import, then Web address.
  • Paste the link you copied to here.
  • Open up a world, and have fun!

Download Links:

For 0.8.1



For 0.9.5/0.9.0