The SmellyOres Mod is the perfect tool for anyone who want to increase their skills of finding ores. By using this mod you will be able to “smell” ores or rather detect ores by using a trail of particles. Since it can only be used for finding ores which are already very close to you it shouldn’t be considered a cheat as it just slightly increases your awareness.

How does it work?

Once you’ve entered a world open the game menu and then close it again to enable the mod.

In the top left corner there will be an image displaying the currently selected ore. Press on the image to switch to another ore.  Press the SMELL button to smell an ore and then follow the trail of particles to find it. It will only be able to detect ores which are within a 16 block radius.

SmellyOres Mod

In this case I decided to smell for iron ores. I found a tunnel and almost at the very surface found a bunch of iron ores.

SmellyOres Mod

Download links for SmellyOres Mod for MCPE

PKG: Download from server 1

Download from server 2