This soccer map is absolutely hilarious and an amazingly clever minigame for all you soccer enthusiasts out there. Soccer in Minecraft is similar to soccer in real life except that you will be using a villager as the ball to score goals with. We really recommend playing it with at least one other player as soccer is usually played with two competing teams.

Soccer Map

How to play soccer?

You will need at least one player for each team (team red and team blue). But we really recommend getting more players than that as it will be more fun.

In the center of the soccer field there will be a villager who will act as the ball. The villager has several active potion effects which makes it immune to damage and it never to move unless it’s kicked and it’s also resistant to fire.

You can use any rules you want but here are some guidelines we recommend for playing the map:

To begin a soccer match begin by having all players stand behind the red or blue line (depending on which team they are on) of the soccer field. Count down from 10 and then begin the game. A goal is only scored when the ball (also known as the villager) crosses the goal line between the two goal-posts.

Soccer Map

There’s a bunch of other balls (villagers) which you can get by just pulling them out of the cage and pushing them to the center of the soccer field.

Soccer Map

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