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Compatible : Minecraft 1.2.5 , Minecraft 1.3.2 , Minecraft 1.4.5 , Minecraft 1.4.6

Last Updated : December 15, 2012

This texture is a Christmas gift for all !!!

Merry Christmas to all players Minecraft !!!


  • This mod adds a revolver to the game.
  • It shoots gold bullets that will deal 10 hearts of damage to mobs and deal 5 hearts of damage to players.
  • It also shoots iron bullets that deal 4 hearts of damage to mobs and 2 hearts of damage to players.
  • The revolver has the strength of a stone sword when used on mobs.
  • It takes 1% damage with every shot, 5% when used to hit mobs, and 20% when used to break blocks.
  • When shot, the revolver will push you back and make you look farther in the air with recoil.
  • You can repair the revolver by crafting it, 2 iron, 1 redstone, and 1 obsidian in any order.
  • Three special bullets are available.


  • Destroys blocks on contact, does extra damage.


  • Transports you to where the bullet hits, does minimal damage.


  • Turns the block it hits into fire, does normal damage and lights the mob on fire.

Revolver-EASY MOD-64x :

Revolver-EASY MOD-128x :