Super ToolKit 4 is one of the best game managers currently available for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It has all the functionalities you need such as changing the gamemode, time of day and so on. It also have some features which you can find in no other tool manager. Two of them include the Block Printer and STK Data display.


  • Potion Effect: Add/remove
  • Smart Moving: Switch fly mode on, automatic sprint, automatic sneak
  • Set Time/Gamemode
  • Too Many Items: Obtain any type of item or block
  • Spawn Entity: Spawn any type of mob
  • Text commands (can also be accessed by buttons, Misc. Options): /gamespeed, /coords (full list further down)
  • Block Printer: Print images in Minecraft
  • STK Data: Display real-time statistics in-game
  • Health Indicator: Displayed by default. Colors and other options can be configured
  • Hack Option: Hide player’s blind area, cross wall, speed, insta destroy (nothing we encourage)

How to use it?

To access the menu interface tap on the button in the bottom left corner. To change the location of the button simply drag and drop it.

Super ToolKit 4 Mod

Super ToolKit 4 Mod

The item and block manager is very easy to use. Just decide on an amount and then select one of the items in the list.

Super ToolKit 4 Mod

If you don’t want to spend lots of time finding a specific mob in Minecraft then you can use the Entity Spawner option. Select one of the mobs in the list and then tap on the ground to spawn it.

Super ToolKit 4 Mod

One of my favorite features is the Block Printer. For this example I used this image (click here). As you open the Block Printer a file manager will open and you can then select your image. Normally downloaded files should appear in your Download folder

Super ToolKit 4 Mod

The STK Data option lets you display a small box on your screen which displays real-time statistics/info while playing. The information include a compass arrow, active coordinates, current time and gamemode. This box can be dragged and drop to change its screen location.

Super ToolKit 4 Mod

Commands List

  • /armor <set/info/repair>
  • /armor set <leather/chain/iron/diamond/gold>
  • /chest <set/info> <slot>
  • /chest set <slot> <id> <amount> <data>
  • /clear <item> <data>
  • /coords
  • /gamemode <survival/creative>
  • /gamespeed <ticks> (20 ticks is default, anything below is slowmotion, and above super speed)
  • /give <id> <amount> <data>
  • /help <page/command name>
  • /home <set/delete>
  • /id
  • /kill
  • /me <action>
  • /playsound <sound> <x> <y> <z> <volume> <pitch>
  • /setblock <x> <y> <z> <TileName> <dataValue> <oldBlockHandling>
  • /setworldspawn <x> <y> <z>
  • /time <set/add> <value>
  • /tp <x> <y> <z>

Download links for Super ToolKit 4 Mod for MCPE

Download (Free) (Google Play)

Download (Pro) (Google Play)