The End Is Extremely Night Texture Pack 1.5.2 is a detailed mod! Your wools and ore blocks will all be detail textures for adding more flavor to your world! If you’d like a more vanilla world that fits your existing maps, please download the BRAND NEW version of The Extremely Nigh series: “The End is Extremely Vanilla”

Notice: This texture pack is HD and requires MCpatcher to be used.

How to install The End Is Extremely Night Language Pack

  • .Minecraft > bin > minecraft.jar > Lang
  • Put it in the lang. This will overwrite Afrikaans because I was lazy and couldn’t figure out how to make it its own. When done, launch minecraft and then go to languages and select Afrikaans. That should take care of it. If this does not work. you messed up somewhere.

Download The End Is Extremely Night Texture Pack for Minecraft

For 1.5 Language Pack