Scientists help our world move forward but sometimes their experiments involve chemicals which nobody should have touched – not even them. Things quickly turned ugly and since you are known as The Mob Slayer they immediately called and required your assistance. Do you have what it takes to save the city (and maybe even the entire world) from a massive invasion of mutant creatures?


You are a known mob slayer in the Minecraftian universe. One day you got a call from some scientists who said they were looking for a test subject they can use their new invention on. It’s a chemical liquid called Chemical X. You accepted the quest and have been given a license to enter their lab.

The Mutant Slayer Map

The Mutant Slayer Map

The Mutant Slayer Map


  • Don’t break blocks unless told otherwise
  • Set difficulty to normal
  • Requires mods: Gamerule for MMC, MMC Mod (all files are included in the download)
  • Type /gamerule keepInventory true once you’ve done all of the above things and entered the world

Install Guide

  1. Use ES File Explorer to extract the downloaded zip file.
  2. Install the textures (MMC (guide)
  3. Install the mod files (Gamerule for MMC.jsMore Mutant Creatures 3.0v.js) (guide)
  4. Install the map file (The Mutant (guide)

Download links for The Mutant Slayer Map

Download from server 1

Download from server 2