About The Supermarket and You Map

The Supermarket and You Map. Briefing: Everything in Minecraft was gathered and locked in a Supermarket by a strange company. Can you and your friends survive, when you actually have to BUY everything?


The Supermarket and You Map Screenshots:




Map Rules:

  • You are not allowed to destroy or steal from the Supermarket!
  • You can only gather and craft Dirt and the things you buy!
  • You can also kill the Mobs and get what they drop!

Map info:

  • There is no player limit on this map, you can play it with ALL the friends you have. But it also can be played in singleplayer.
  • This map is RPG based…the items are actually pretty expensive, and you’ll need to play hours until you’ll gather everything you’ll need.
  • The Supermarket has 3 floors. First you can only trade with the villagers on the first floor, because the other floors will be locked. You can open the iron doors ONLY with the SPECIAL keys.
  • The first special key,which opens the 2nd floor is at “The Survivor” on the first floor, while the second one is at “The Dealer” on the second floor,which obviously opens the 3rd floor.
  • There are some items which you won’t be able to buy, but you’ll need in a trade…for example the “ghast tear” or the “glowstone”. You have to go in the Nether and find yourself one.

Download links for The Supermarket and You Map: