Minecraft in singleplayer can sometimes be a little bit lonely, don’t you think? The Ultimate NPCs Mod solves this problem. It makes it possible to befriend a villager and then set up different properties for it, such as automatic follow, defend and you can can even set it up so it can speak. There are tens of preset skins to choose from (such as your favorite YouTubers) so there are lot of things to customize.

How does it work?

Tap on a villager using the NPC Wand (ID: 1000, no recipe). A simple menu will open. Here you can select a few different properties of the villager:

  • Name
  • Follow / Wander
  • Attack / Don’t attack
  • Appearance (skin change (lots of presets exist, e.g. JackFrostMiner, FuzionDroid, Herobrine etc), size and more.
  • Speech (text speech)

We decided to create our personal Einstein villager.

Ultimate NPCs Mod

To test his capabilities we spawned some spiders and attacked them. He was very quick in his action and immediately started to attack them for us.

Ultimate NPCs Mod

Just don’t think the villagers you befriend are invincible. Einstein was finally defeated by a couple of zombies. Poor guy.

Ultimate NPCs Mod

Download links for Big Machines Mod for MCPE

JS: Download from server 1

Download from server 2