• Thaumcraft inspired Magic System, through wand attainment and IQ Advancement.
  • Wrap around Vampire System attached to sleeping.
  • Custom Hidden Crafting Recipes in Real world form.
  • Built in Texture Pack
  • Now in Alpha version for 0.8.1.

Mod Review:

How to install:

  1. Download the mod.
  2. Find the file you’ve downloaded and extract the compressed folder.
  3. In the folder you’ve just extracted, there should be a file named patch.mod. This is the actual file of the mod itself.
  4. Copy patch.mod onto the root folder of your SD card (or storage) in your Android device. If you don’t know how to do this, google Android USB storage.
  5. If you get a warning (which would only happen if you’ve installed another mod), just say yes or copy & replace to overwrite any existing patch.mod files.
  6. Now download and install PocketTool from the Google Play Store (also available on GitHub). PocketTool is a free app that lets you install MCPE mods.
  7. Open PocketTool
  8. Press “Tool Kit”
  9. Select patch.mod and hit Patch.
  10. PocketTool will now patch MCPE. It shouldn’t take very long. After it is done, hit the Settings button and choose “Apply Changes.”
  11. Now it asks if you want to uninstall MCPE from your phone. Hit OK. It is just uninstalling the old version.
  12. Now you’ll be asked to install Minecraft Pocket edition again – just hit install.
  13. After the game has installed, open it and verify that your mod is working.

Download Links: