Fixed Vanilla Texture Pack (1.20, 1.19) addresses various issues in the base game concerning textures, models, and animations. It provides fixes for both default and classic textures, and a detailed description lists all the specific improvements made.



  • Structure Blocks now use the correct textures [MCPE-48224].
  • Melons’ underside now utilizes the correct texture [MCPE-31035].
  • Bee Nests and Beehives correctly emit wood sounds when placed [MCPE-53577].
  • The carried Grass Block top texture now matches the sides.
  • Various fixes related to the command completion screen:
    • Fixed icons for ‘lit_blast_furnace’, ‘lit_furnace’, and ‘lit_smoker’ [MCPE-48042].
    • Fixed ‘lava_cauldron’ icon.
    • Fixed all ‘standing_sign’ and ‘wall_sign’ variants.
    • Fixed ‘tripwire’ icon.
    • Fixed icons for ‘powered_repeater’ and ‘unpowered_repeater’.
    • Fixed icons for ‘powered_comparator’ and ‘unpowered_repeater’.
    • Fixed icons for ‘potatoes’ and ‘carrots’.
    • Fixed ‘bamboo_sapling’ icon.
    • Fixed all ‘candle_cake’ variants (suggested by @agentms_).
  • Cracked & Chiseled Nether Bricks now have the correct sounds.
  • Obsidian and Crying Obsidian no longer randomly rotate.
  • Blackstone slabs, stairs, and walls now display the correct textures on their top and bottom sides.


  • Pillagers and Zombie Villagers now have the correct height [MCPE-42631].
  • Zombie Villagers, Vindicators, and Pillagers no longer display the armor they’re wearing.
  • Shulkers are now properly scaled [MCPE-41736].
  • Tropical fish no longer have random rotations while flopping.
  • Fixed scale and rotation of 2D projectiles [MCPE-66385].


  • Item Frame and Glow Item Frame breaking particles no longer have black borders.
  • Fixed Pillager arms’ back texture (suggested by @LilDibbun) [MCPE-48628].
  • Cats, Pandas, and Wandering Traders’ Spawn Eggs now match the others.
  • Fixed misplaced head layer on some Librarian Villagers [MCPE-47297].
  • Ensured consistency among all “Per Bend” banner patterns.
  • Several Nether Update textures now match their Java Edition counterparts [MCPE-66085].
  • Fixed Phantom Eyes’ texture (suggested by @agentms_).
  • Phantoms no longer have two incorrectly visible pixels when under the effect of invisibility.
  • Some Caves & Cliffs textures now match their Java Edition counterparts [MCPE-122544].
  • Fixed opaque Azalea and Flowering Azalea leaves’ background colors [MCPE-170481].
  • Fixed carried and opaque Mangrove leaves’ background colors [MCPE-170481].
  • Fixed covered Azalea, Flowering Azalea, and Cherry leaves’ background colors [MCPE-170517].
  • Unfortunately, the game has a bug that prevents the covered and opaque colors from being fixed simultaneously, so I prioritized fixing the opaque texture [MCPE-170516].
  • Fixed double chest and double trapped chest textures not matching the single chests.
  • Fixed Z-fighting in horse reins.
  • Fixed transparent pixels in Drowned’s body.
  • Fixed multiple issues with desert Villagers and Zombie Villagers’ sandals and arms.
  • Clouds’ background texture is now fully transparent.
  • Tweaked the “sword” shape outline for Purple Glazed Terracotta.
  • Fixed gray pixels in Camel’s leg.
  • Corrected the shape and color of unused levitation potions.
  • Tweaked colors in bed sprites to match their block models more accurately (suggested by @ThatGreenBlur) [MCPE-49850].
  • Dirt background in the user interface now matches the dirt block.


  • Updated Cats and Ocelots’ models.
  • Fixed V1 Villager model.
  • Fixed Drowned model [MCPE-100974].
  • Piglins, Zombified Piglins, and Piglin Brutes no longer have gaps in their tusks [MCPE-83202].
  • Updated Strider’s model.
  • Hoglin & Zoglin model now matches Java Edition.
  • Capes no longer detach from the player’s body when running.
  • Updated Villager, Witch, and Illager models to include the full coat textures [MCPE-155044].
  • Fixed Enderman model [MCPE-63364].
  • Fixed Allay’s head being offset [MCPE-167821].
  • Tweaked every humanoid mob’s geometry to align more closely with the player’s model:
    • This change enables all animations to work seamlessly across all humanoid mobs, particularly the Piglin dance.
  • Updated Squid and Glow Squid models to eliminate Z-fighting in the tentacles.
  • Updated Cat and Ocelot models to eliminate Z-fighting in the tail.
  • Fixed size and position of Elytra wings [MCPE-170250].


  • Fixed Wolf tail disconnecting from the body when sitting [MCPE-31121].
  • Made several tweaks to the player’s first-person animations:
    • Adjusted hand position [MCPE-47877].
    • Tweaked hand position while holding maps.
    • Note: These animations will be further modified in a future update.
  • Tweaked punching/mining animation with held maps.
  • Tweaked hand animation for loading crossbows.
  • Tweaked position of arm and attachable items in skins with custom heights [MCPE-48870].
  • Removed duplicate first-person arm bobbing [MCPE-128317].
  • Fixed arm swing (attack) animation:
    • Arm rotations now match older versions and Java Edition [MCPE-47940].
    • The animation is once again directional [MCPE-54697].
    • The animation no longer cuts off at the end [MCPE-133777].
    • The animation no longer plays constantly [MCPE-167696].
    • All of these fixes also apply to Endermen and barehanded Piglins, which use the same animation.
  • Fixed sneaking/crouching animation:
    • Crouching no longer offsets the player model [MCPE-170342].
    • The animation properly adapts to custom skin heights.
    • Crouching animation stops when entering swim mode directly from sneak mode [MCPE-166565].
    • Sneak animation no longer plays over emotes.
  • Fixed player’s swimming and crawling animations:
    • The player model is now centered while transitioning into and out of swimming/crawling [MCPE-122663].
    • The limbs stop moving when idle in the swimming position [MCPE-122664].
    • The head is now rotated correctly when crawling [MCPE-170838].
    • The head and limbs transition smoothly into and out of swimming/crawling.
    • The player’s swimming and crawling animations are now slightly slower, matching older versions and Java Edition.
    • The swimming/crawling animation adapts to different skin heights.
  • Made several tweaks to the player’s third-person arm animations when using certain items:
    • Adjusted all arm animations to be more accurate when swimming, crawling, or gliding.
    • The player’s arms are now animated when using a trident or a spyglass while swimming or crawling.
    • The player’s right arm no longer moves while using a spyglass or a goat horn [MCPE-125901].
    • The player’s left arm now bobs properly when using a spyglass, a goat horn, or a brush.
    • The shield in the main hand is now prioritized when two shields are held.
  • Fixed inverted (upside down) skins:
    • Fixed sneaking, swimming, riding, and gliding animations [MCPE-166862].
    • The player’s legs are no longer swapped.
    • Arm animations for inverted skins are now accurate to the player’s direction.
    • Inverted skins no longer float when looking up or down.
    • Note: These fixes apply only to skins that use inverted animations (e.g., Nathan and Erik from the 3rd Birthday Skin Pack). The “Dinnerbone” trick is hardcoded into the game and uses the same animations as regular skins.
  • Cape rotation range now better matches Java Edition.
  • Capes no longer clip through chestplates [MCPE-90996].
  • Brushing animation is now consistent.
  • Brushing animation speed now matches Java Edition.
  • Drowneds now use the correct animation when holding items in the offhand [MCPE-37425].
  • Piglins’ dancing animation has been updated to the most recent version [MCPE-83828].
  • Piglins’ armed attack animation now matches the one used by the Vindicator.
  • Corrected bobbing animation for humanoid mobs (including players).
  • Gliding no longer triggers the crawling animation when near the ceiling [MCPE-170889].
  • Fixed slightly offset baby squid (thanks to GoldenHelmet for suggesting this one and providing code analysis!) [MCPE-114253].
  • Strider now changes walking animation when being ridden [MCPE-93027].
  • Fixed humanoid mobs’ legs moving with their bodies in certain animations.
  • Tweaked positioning for all item attachables (bow, crossbow, trident, shield, spyglass):
    • Temporary patch until full fixing is implemented.


  • Fixed Campfire smoke size.
  • Restored transparency to Campfire smoke particles.
  • Campfire Smoke now fades randomly, resembling Java Edition more closely.
  • Entities on top of bubble columns no longer produce white bubbles [MCPE-43881].
  • Conduit particles have been updated to match Java Edition.
  • Explosion particles now match Java Edition.


  • Added missing newer textures [MCPE-46125].
  • Changed Minecart with Command Block’s inventory icon to purple to match the Repeating Command Block.
  • Fixed all unused potion, splash potion, lingering potion, and tipped arrow textures [MCPE-44210].
  • Fixed carried and opaque textures for all original six leaves [MCPE-170481].
  • Adjusted lava animation speed [MCPE-46187].
  • Adjusted lava animation frame order (suggested by @melamed_tal via DM).
  • Jungle Leaves now correctly color the fruits in item form [MCPE-44116].
  • Updated textures for old Villagers and Zombie Villagers from before 1.11.
  • Fixed carried texture for Lily Pads [MCPE-44206].
  • Fixed carried textures for Large Fern & Double Tallgrass.
  • Tweaked carried textures for Tallgrass, Fern & Vines (partially fixed due to MCPE-53775).
  • Fixed missing pixel in Tallgrass carried texture.
  • Beds’ textures now match Java Edition.
  • Updated Steve and Alex skins (Note: They will only appear through the Player Head item, a resource pack, or a skin loading error.) [MCPE-165903].
  • Updated several UI buttons’ textures (suggested by @agentms_):
    • Difficulty button.
    • Cycle Creative/Adventure/Survival/Spectator buttons.
    • Edit Skin button.
    • Fireworks button.
    • The ‘skip’ button in the credits.
  • Updated Piglin Brute texture.

Please note that this list is specific to the described resource pack, and the changes mentioned may not apply to the base game or other resource packs.

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