Nice Mobs Remastered: Friends & Foes Data Pack (1.21, 1.20.1) reworks, remasters and adds new mobs and mob related mechanics to the game to make each survival experience more thrilling and exciting. From nearly unlimited combinations for hostile mob equipment over the addition of new mobs to a completly new late game dimension, this datapack offers a vast amount of features to spruce up every Minecraft server and single player world. Enjoy playing this data pack!


  • A new late game dimension, the Astral Plane
  • 2 new armor sets with new effects
  • Health displays for hostile mobs
  • Hostile mobs are now having levels based on the biome they spawned in
  • 3 new boss mobs: Amemasu, Celestial Watcher, Golden Guardian
  • 27 new advancements
  • Nitwits now offer quests and give out spawn eggs as reward
  • Mobs have a chance to spawn in different rarities with different loot
  • 10 new mobs: Boo, Ender Skeleton, Hedgehog, Hermit Crab, Ladybug, Nautilus, Penguin, Rat, Redstone Ghost, Snail
  • Piglinauts found their way to the end
  • Pillagernauts also found their way to the end
  • Firefly particles in swamp biomes
  • Randomised mob equipment
  • Some mobs with visible heads have a chance to become a hermit
  • Randomised sizes for mobs
  • Randomised speed for mobs
  • Creepers have randomised fuse times, explosion radius and a chance for potion effects
  • Some mobs carry their baby on their backs
  • Shulkers can have different colors
  • Piglins & Hoglins have a chance to not become zombified when they enter the overworld
  • Rabbits can become killer bunnies when hit by a player
  • Villagers can turn into Illusioners when hit by a player
  • Chickens can be plucked for feathers by punching them
  • Spiders have a chance to place a cobweb when they attack a player
  • Phantoms have a chance to spawn in the end
  • Withers cannot fly higher than the vanilla build height limit
  • Non-/hostile and special mobs glow in different colors
  • Killing bats makes mobs glow
  • Husks have a chance to drop sand when hit with a shovel
  • Zombie Riders can spawn in the wild when it rains
  • _jeb sheeps drop random colored wool when sheared
  • Snow Golems have a chance to spawn in cold biomes
  • Mobs can be un-/silenced with a nametag
  • Mooshrooms have a chance to spawn as a brown one
  • Pig pens which spawn a Treasure Pig which drops loot when hit
  • Raw meat is now poisonous for parrots
  • Endermen no longer grief
  • Skeletons have a chance to drop bones when hit with an axe
  • Tamed Animals auto heal when their owner is nearby
  • Horse Armor and Saddles are craftable
  • Spawners are craftable
  • Info display for stats of tamed horses
  • Glow-/Squids have a chance to blind the player when they get hit
  • Villagers can be dismounted by right clicking them
  • Villagers can be picked up by riding a Camel over them
  • Iron Golems get angry when you open a village chest near them
  • The Wandering Trader now sells Mob Heads (Yes, they do make noteblock sounds)
  • Elder Guardians have bossbars
  • Fully compatible with TerralithNullscape and Katter’s Structures
  • Some functionalities can be toggled on a per player basis. Meaning anyone playing can decide for themselves if they want to have the feature enabled or not. The following features can be toggled:
    • Set Mob difficulty: /function nmr:settings
    • Horse stats display: /trigger horse_stats
    • Pet healing: /trigger pet_healing
    • Region Level info: /trigger region_info
    • Right-click for dismounting villagers: /trigger villager_dismount
    • En-/disabling healthbars: /trigger healthbar


How to install:

Nice Mobs Remastered Data Pack (1.21, 1.20.1) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.20.1, 1.20

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.20.4, 1.20.2

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.20.6

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.21

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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