Automatic Crafting Table Mod 1.11.2 adds an automatic crafting table to Minecraft. This mod makes the crafting table fit in with the rest of the automation in Minecraft.

Automatic Crafting Table Mod


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How it works:

  • The crafting table has 19 inventory slots. 9 of them are just storage slots, 9 of them function as a crafting square, and 1 is for output.
  • Whenever the table receives a redstone pulse, it crafts one item of the recipe specified by the items in the crafting square. When the table crafts an item, it pulls the required items from the storage slots first, but if there are not enough items in the storage slots, it will use items in the crafting slot. The table won’t craft an item if doing so would use up the last item of any one slot in the crafting square. The table also will not craft an item if there is not enough space in the output slot.
  • Droppers and hoppers attached to the table will insert items into the storage slots, unless they are trying to insert an item that is in the crafting square and the stack in that square has space to fit the item.
  • Hoppers will remove items from the output slot first, and then remove items from the storage slots if said items are not used in the crafting recipe.
  • Items that are not consumed by the crafting recipe will remain in the crafting square. Items like milk buckets that are modified by the crafting recipe have modified version placed into the storage slots, unless, for some reason, there is not enough room to do so, at which point the items are ejected into the world.


Minecraft Forge

How to install:

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