About Assassin’s Creep Map

Assassin’s Creep Map is an open Parkour map in Assassin’s Creed style. The objective of the map is too find all 9 Diamonds. To obtain diamonds you’ll have to complete objectives. Above each objective is a floating block, To mark the place on the map.


:Red::Red::Red::Red: 3x Towers:Red Block :Red::Red::Red::Red:
:Green::Green::Green::Green: 4x Tomb:Green Block :Green::Green::Green::Green:
:Blue::Blue::Blue::Blue: 2x Climbing Challenge:Blue Block :Blue::Blue::Blue::Blue:
:Yellow::Yellow::Yellow::Yellow: Spawn:Yellow Block :Yellow::Yellow::Yellow::Yellow:

If you have all diamonds you can enter the final dungeon (Entrace is under the spawn room)

Can you also find all the hidden feathers,the Cannabis Farm and all the 9 “Wanted Posters”?

The map is also great fun in multiplayer,you can either play tag or you can finish the dungeons in co-op

Texture Pack: Assassini Costruttori

Assassin’s Creep Map Screenshots:




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