Silent Client (1.8.9) is a launcher for Minecraft with tons of mods, FPS Boost and stylish cosmetics.


  • Fully Integrated: 65+ Minecraft Mods.
  • BlockInfo Mod: It is a mod that shows very detailed information about a block you are currently looking at.
  • Hud Optimization: Added a new feature to FPS Boost that optimizes HUD rendering. This feature requires Fast Render to be disabled.
  • Added “Hide Your Name”, “Hide Skins”, “Use Own Skin For All”, “Use Real Skin For Self” in Nick Hider.
  • Added “Fade Delay”in Keystrokes.
  • Motion Blur has been completely redesigned.
  • Added ability to disable hitbox rendering for each entity type in Hitboxes Mod.
  • Hats & Shields
  • Friends
  • GUI Improvements
  • Player Counter Mod: A simple mod that shows the number of players on the server.
  • New mod rendering system: Improved the appearance of the mods, as the old one looks too big.
  • Pack Tweaks Mod: Are you tired of your screen being covered by fire? Or do you just want to make your life easier? Enable one of our newest features, Pack Tweaks, to improve your Silent Client experience.
  • Toggle Sprint Mod
  • Boss Bar Mod: The Boss Bar mod lets you customize the boss bar to your liking.
  • Crosshair Mod Presets
  • ToggleChat Mod: The ToggleChat Mod allows you to toggle specific Hypixel Chat Messages and Chat Channels.
  • Config System: Many asked us to add a convenient config system. Now you can easily switch between configs and easily share your configs with your friends.
  • FPS Boost Update
  • UI Components Update
  • The macro creation window has been redesigned in Auto Text Mod.
  • Animations Mod – Smooth Sneaking
  • Animations Mod – 1.7 Skins
  • Animations Mod – 1.7 Enchant Glint
  • Animations Mod – 1.7 Throwing
  • General – Gui Debug for Devs
  • Hud Mods – Now you can change the background color
  • And much more…



Java 7 or above


How to install:

Silent Client (1.8.9) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.8.9

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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