How would you feel waking up in a world overrun with the undead? When you walk through this world you will understand what it is like to live in a Zombie Apocalypse. Could you Survive? Let’s download True Survival – Zombie Apocalypse Addon (1.20, 1.19) and find out.


The History:

A deadly virus has taken over the Minecraft World, Some entities were killed instantly (Creepers, Skeletons, etc), and Everyone else became the undead… A Zombie.

Different types of Zombies have taken over the Minecraft World, Each type will have its own characteristics, it may be speed, strength, or something else,
Whatever the case if you see a Zombie… Run.
Some people are survivors like you and you will find them wandering around getting attacked or attacking Zombies.
NPCs will automatically attack Zombies just as Zombies will automatically attack NPCs’. If an NPC dies from a Zombie attack they will become Zombies themselves.

The Zombies:

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When you kill a Zombie it will turn into a corpse, it will lay on the floor and start to decompose. Decomp has 3 stages.

The 1st stage is the corpse laying on the floor as fresh as when you killed it, this will last 20 seconds, within this time you can use a Carving Knife to take an Organ or two from the corpse, by taking an Organ it will take the corpse to the next stage of decomp.

In the 2nd stage you will see the corpse has started to rot away, this stage will also last 20 seconds, within this time you can once again use your Carving Knife to harvest some more Organs, By taking the Organs the corpse will move to its last stage of Decomp.

In the final stage, you will see the corpse is now just bones. Once again this stage will last another 20 seconds before the Skeleton disappears forever. Within these 20 seconds, you can use a Cleaver to chop away at the Skeleton and collect some Infected bones. By doing this the Skeleton will Disappear.

Use a Bottle of distilled water found in chests to clean the infected bones, to make normal bones again.

Stage one and two of decomp the sunlight will have no effect on the corpse, As it moves to the last stage the sunlight will burn away the Skeleton.

The Zombies

Walker Zombie

Crawler Zombie

Runner Zombie

Male Survivor Zombie

Female Survivor Zombie

Soldier Zombie

Miner Zombie

Lumberjack Zombie

Gang Member Zombie

Armored Zombie

Frozen Zombie

Frozen Zombies can be found in Frozen Biomes, They have low HP. If you hit them you will break the Ice and you truly see what Zombie is underneath…….A Runner.

Eskimo Zombie

Found in the Frozen Biomes

Swamp Zombie

Found in Swamp Biomes

Nether Zombie

The Nether Zombie will shoot Fire Balls at you.

Doctor Zombie

Sailor Zombie

Found in Submarines

Trooper Zombie

Found in Watch Tower

Special Forces Zombie

Priest Zombie

Found in Churches

Armless Zombie

Spawns with the Katana Trader

(Can be leashed)

Drowned Zombie

The NPC’s

NPCs will walk around attacking or getting attacked, You can use a Vaccine on them so they can be bred.

Male Survival

Female Survival





Taming item: Holy Bible


Hazmat Scientist

You will need to find O2 Canisters inside the chest to trade will the Hazmat Scientist, He will trade you O2 Canisters for Empty Vials, Fill up the Vials with Zombie Blood from the corpses. Store as many Vials of Blood as you can, trust me you are gonna need them

Special Forces Solider

Katana Trader

Katanas for trade

The Animals:

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Rats will spawn anywhere in your World, they will avoid players. Rats will drop one piece of Raw Rat Meat or a Slime Ball. Rats will eat Rotting Zombies.


Crows will spawn anywhere in your World, they will avoid players. Crows will drop one piece of Raw Crow Meat or a Feather. Crows will eat Rotting Zombies.


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You will have all your normal swords that Minecraft has to offer. But more weapons will be coming update by update.

Sentry Gun:

A Sentry Gun will stand wherever you place it and be on the lookout for any Zombies it comes across. When you place it, it will be empty, you will need to load it with some Sentry Gun Bullets, When you do this the Sentry Gun will
come online and start looking for threats, Each case of Bullets will last 5 minutes before it becomes empty and needs reloading. 10 Seconds before the Sentry Gun is empty it will drop the Empty Bullet Case so you can use it again.

The Sentry Gun comes in 3 pieces,

You can take down the Sentry Gun by interacting with a Crowbar.

To reload your guns have the corresponding ammo in your off-hand and shoot the empty gun, This will reload your gun.






Magnum 357


Micro UZI

Proximity Mines will explode when either a Zombie or a Player gets within 3 block of them

Grenades will work as Grenades should. Throw one and they go boom!


Once you have placed the Dynamite down tap it with a Flint and Steel and run

Ammo Creation:

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You will receive an empty Magazine when your gun runs out of bullets

You can now craft your own ammo for your guns

First, you need to find Sulfur Ore and Potassium Nitrate Ore and mine it.

Sulfur and Potassium Nitrate can only be found in Desert and Mesa Biomes at the “Y” axis 30

Craft that together will some Charcoal Powder to make Pure Gunpowder

You will need to collect all the new Crafting Benches to allow yourself to make all-size ammo

These images show how to make all size ammo and how to Refill your empty Magazines

Crafting your Survival:

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Wooden Armor

Wooden Armor will help you get started in the early game

Carving Knives

Carving Knives are used to get Organs from a Corpse


Cleavers are used to get Infected Bones from a Skeleton

Coloured Iron

Some Items will need different coloured Iron to craft them, Some items may need Steel Ingots to craft them, Steel Ingots can be obtained from looting a Burned Out Car with a Sledge Hammer

Melee Weapons

Storage Bags

Storage bags are used to store more than you can carry in your inventory. The Green bag will store less than the Black Backpack.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags can be placed anywhere, Interact with the Sleeping Bag to set your checkpoint, even if you pick the Sleeping Bag back up your Checkpoint is still saved.

Medical Kit

Medical Kits can be crafted to give you a Massive Health boost when you really need it. The Medical Kit will need 9 items to be crafted. You can find all these items in chests. You can either use Aspirin or Ibuprofen to craft the Medical Kit.

The Collectables:

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As well as trying to stay alive for more than a day you can now set yourself a side quest to collect all the Newpapers featuring headlines of the oncoming storm that we now know was the end.

You can place them on Newspaper Stands to show off to your friends.

Craft the Newspaper stand

Body Armor

5 types of Body Armor have been added.

Super Light Weight, Light Weight, Standard, Heavy Duty, and Super Heavy Duty.

These can all be found in chests:

  • Super Lightweight Body Armor – 50 Durability – 2 Protection
  • Lightweight Body Armor – 100 Durability – 3 Protection
  • Standard Body Armor – 200 Durability – 4 Protection
  • Heavy Duty Body Armor – 300 Durability – 5 Protection
  • Super Heavy Duty Body Armor – 500 Durability – 7 Protection

CB Radio

The CB Radio can be found inside Watch Tower Structures, you will need a battery to power the Radio. Give the Radio a Battery and it will turn on. Interact with the Radio and it will call for help and 3 Special Forces Soliders will spawn around you ready to kill every Zombie in it’s path.

When you use the Radio the battery will run dry, You will need another Battery to call for help again

The Cure:

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To create the cure will need to go exploring!

First thing first, look in all structures for o2 Canisters, collect as many as you can, When you have found some find a Mesa Biome and talk to the guy in a Hazmat Suit. The Hazmat guy will trade Empty Vials for o2 Canisters.

Now you have the Empty Vials you are gonna need Zombie Blood!

Kill any zombie and interact with the corpse to get a Vial of Blood, Collect as many as you can because not all of them will be effective.

This is where the exploring part comes into it, You will need to kill Zombie Doctors to get the antidote and the Vortex Mixer

Once you have found these items you can craft the Cure

8 Vials of Blood with 1 CDCKG85 Antidote will give you 8 Vials of the Cure (Unmixed)

Insert the unmixed cure into a Vortex Mixer and wait 20 seconds this will mix the Cure so it can be used.

Curing a Zombie:

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(Uncurable Zombies: Nether, Gang Member, Crawler, and Drowned)

When you get close to a Zombie interact will a Cure in hand, this will start a reaction that will last 7 seconds, after the 7 seconds 3 things can happen.

The Zombie dies

The Zombie becomes cured

It has no effect.

Use a Toblerone on a Cured or Vaccinated NPC to start the breeding process

When you Vaccinate an NPC or Cure a Zombie, You will be able to breed them but this comes at a cost, The cure and Vaccine will reduce their life span dramatically, They will only have 2 hours before they grow old.
This stage of life will only last 30 minutes.

The Cured NPC’s that grow from Babies will NOT have a reduced life span, they will live forever like vanilla Villagers, You can trade with them for as long as you like.
When a bred Cured is fully grown it will have one trade table, it will not change its trades.

Give the Default Cured an item of clothing to determine what role they will play in your new world.


  • Give the Default Cured a Leather Apron and it will become a Blacksmith.
  • The Blacksmith will trade you tools and weapons made from iron, Diamond, and Netherite.
  • The Blacksmith can mainly be found near a Crafting Table, making more tools for you.
  • The Blacksmith can be tempted by a Tin of Chicken Soup.


  • Give the Default Cured a pair of Blue Dungarees and it will become a Farmer.
  • The Farmer will move around on your Farmland planting any seed it has in its inventory. Give it any seed and it will start the farming process for you. The Farmer will break any crop when it is fully grown and keep it in its inventory until you collect from it.
  • The Farmer can be tempted by a Tin of Vegetable Soup.

Police Officer

  • Give the Default Cured a Police Officers uniform and it will become a Police Officer.
  • The Police officers will not randomly move around, they will stay at a fixed point until they see a Zombie then they will move close to shoot the Zombie with its P92.
  • You can bring the Police Officer back to where you want it by temping it with a Tin of Spam. Alternatively, you could block the Officer in and have it shoot from a fixed point.
  • The Police Officer will have no trade table, it is just used for your protection.

Horse Handler

  • Give the Default Cured a Red Tweed Jacket and it will become a Horse Handler.
  • The Horse Handler will trade you everything you need to get a Horse ready for a run, including Armor and saddle.
  • The Horse Handler can be found hanging around Hay Blocks collecting Wheat for the horses.
  • The Horse Handler is the only place you can get a Horse Vaccine.
  • The Horse Handler can be tempted by a Tin of Tomato Soup.
  • The Horse Vaccine will allow you to make an Adult Horse invisible to the Zombies, So now you keep and breed Horses

Book Keeper

  • Give the Default Cured a Blue Waistcoat and it will become a Book Keeper.
  • The Book Keeper will randomly wander around but can be found mostly near a BookShelf,
  • If you give it a Deck of Cards in return it will give you a Randomly Enchanted Book.
  • The Book Keeper can be tempted by a Tin Of Beans just in case you would like it to follow you.
  • Player Vaccines
  • Vaccinating yourself is pretty straightforward, You can find Mouth Swabs in Chests, Use a Mouth Swab by right-clicking when holding it.
  • When you have a used Mouth Swab craft it with a Vaccine and you will have a Player Vaccine

The Vaccine for Players will only last 15 minutes or until you die, Be warned the Vaccine does not make you immune to the Savage or the Gang Members. When Vaccinated you can go about doing whatever it is you want.

The Savage

The savage are the people like you who have been left behind to survive by themselves, They have a taste for human flesh, they will kill you if they get close enough so kill them first. They will drop beef, chicken mutton, or pork when they die. They can be found underground or in a Savage Hut.

Razor Wire:

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Razor Wire can be crafted with these items

Razor Wire will kill Zombies when they walk through it

These items can be found in the Structures. The rarer the item the more valuable

Deodorant – Common
Shampoo – Uncommon
Shower Gel – Rare
Shaving Foam – Rare
Toothpaste – Super Rare
Toilet Roll – Ultra Rare
Deck of Cards – Ultra Rare

Use these items to trade with NPCs

These items can be found in most structures, each item of food may keep you alive that little bit longer

Night Vision Goggles:

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These can be found in Chests inside Structures
Night Vision Goggles will give you the night vision effect for as long as you are wearing them. They are a very delicate piece of equipment, they will not last long if they are damaged.

Water Lung:

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These can be found in Chests inside Structures
Water Lungs will allow you to breathe underwater for as long as your wearing them. They are a very delicate piece of equipment, they will not last long if they are damaged.


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Dingy Boat has been added for faster travel over the water, it can carry four entities including yourself.

You will find Dingy Boats in the Oil Rig Structures, you will be guaranteed one from this structure. You will need the Air Spray to inflate the Dingy
You can attach a Lead to the Dingy if you prefer not to deflate it.

Burned Out Car:

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Interact with a Crowbar to find some loot that was left behind

Interact with the Sledge Hammer to get rid of the Car and get some Steel Ingots

Dirt Mounds:

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Interact with any Shovel to find that loot that was dropped

Air Drops:

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Shooting a Flare Gun up into the air will summon an AirDrop, the loot inside will reflect the rarity of the Flare Gun itself

You will need to craft a Crow Bar to open the Air Drops

The Sky has been given a more apocalyptic look.
The Sun and moon have been retextured.

Infected Animals:

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Most Zombies will move away from the Headpole, You can place as many as you want around your base to keep the Zombies Away. They will last about one hour before rotting away.

Use a Combat Knife on a dead Zombie to remove the head.

Once you have the head you will need to treat it with salt to preserve it.

Once the pole is in the ground, place a treated zombie head on top and stand back and enjoy the freedom


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Each structure will have a random amount of loot inside, search as many as you can to get all the loot you need:

Camp Sites

Broken Submarine

Tower Block


Abandoned House

Desert House

Subway Cart


Oil Rig

Army Medical Tent

Watch Tower

Lumber Yard

Cargo Ship

School Bus

Crashed Plane


Installation Note:

  • You will need to Download all 3 packs for this addon to work.
  • All Experimental Gameplay Settings will need to be active.

How to install:

How To Install Mod / Addon on Minecraft PE

How To Install Texture Packs on Minecraft PE

How To Install Map on Minecraft PE

True Survival – Zombie Apocalypse Addon (1.20, 1.19) Download Links

Note: All packs are required for this add-on to work.

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19, 1.18

Behavior: Download from server 1Download from server 2

Resource: Download from server 1Download from server 2

Structure: Download from server 1Download from server 2 (This pack belongs in your Behavior Folder)

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20

Behavior: Download from server 1Download from server 2

Resource: Download from server 1Download from server 2

Structure: Download from server 1Download from server 2 (This pack belongs in your Behavior Folder)

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