About Beaconators Map

In Beaconators Map, you have to destroy 3 beacons. But you have to destroy the beacons in.. HUGE stairs/floating islands!


Beaconators Map Screenshots:


The map is composed in 4 parts :

The strikers spawn


The first stairs (+First beacon)


The middle (+Second beacon)


The last stairs (+Last beacon)


The map contains chests. Those chests can have items like armor, weapons…



At the beginning of the game, you are able to choose a team.
The strikers : The goal of the strikers is to destroy the beacons. When you destroy a beacon, you’re able to teleport to this beacon using the buttons at the strikers spawn.
At the beginning, you need to take the beacon destroyer (wooden axe). Without this item, you can’t destroy any beacon
The defenders : The goal of the defenders is to… defend the beacons. You have to defend them for 25 minutes. At the beginning, you’re able to teleport to any beacon. Once a beacon is destroyed, you won’t be able to teleport to this beacon.

The items:


On the map, you can buy items by little shops in the floatings islands. But how can you get money ?
That’s simple, 1 kill = 1 coin.
You can buy the double coin perk near the middle for 10 coins.
The strikers and the defenders can buy differents items. There are 3 types of items :
– Strikers items
– Defenders items
– Simple items

Here is the list of the items :

Strikers items/bonus (in order) :

– Haste boost : Gives you haste I. Permanent use. Price : 20 coins
– Striker’s staff LV.1 : +3 Attack damage, Knockback I. Price : 3 coins
– The glasses of truth : +2 Attack damage, when you hold this item, you can see the invisible paths. Price : 3 coins
– Striker’s staff LV.2 : +3 Attack damage, Knockback II + Sharpness I. Price : 5 coins
– War scream [SCROLL] (yeah, that’s Wynncraft, I know ) : +2 Attack damage, use it (Right click) to give a buff to you and your team ! Given by 3. Price : 10 coins
– Striker’s bow : A simple bow with 10 arrows

Defenders items (in order) :

– Life extractor LV.1 (Wynncraft bow <3) : A simple bow with 10 arrows. Price : 7 coins
– Fire spell [SPELL] : Right click on the ground to damage your enemies ! Given by 3. Price : 7 coins
– Life extractor LV.2 : A bow Punch I + Sharpness II with 10 arrows. Price : 11 coins
– Bridge destroyer [SCROLL] : Use it (Right click) to destroy ALL the andesite paths (at the last beacon) temporarily. Given by 3. Price : 15 coins
– Torch : +3 Attack damage, Sharpness I + Fire aspect I. Price : 7 coins

Simple items/bonus (for all teams, in order)

– Resistance helmet : Iron helmet, +30% Knockback resistance, Thorns I. Unbreakable. Price : 15 coins
– Double coin perk : Gain 2 coins for 1 kill. Permanent use. Price : 10 coins
– Speed boost : Gives you Speed I. Permanent use. Price : 18 coins
– Speed boots : Golden boots, +15% speed, Feather falling II. Unbreakable. Price : 6 coins.
– Thorns pants : Golden leggings, +2% speed, Thorns III, Projectile protection III, Protection I. Unbreakable. Price : 7 coins
– Chestplate of vitality : Chainmail chestplate, +2 hearts, Protection I, Blast Protection II. Unbreakable. Price : 7 coins
– Grappling hook : +5 Attack damage, Use : Throw it, particles might spawning. Take back your hook and you’re teleported where you want ! Breakable. Price : 17 coins

Beaconators Map Tips:


Here are some tips !

– Defenders may have an advantage at the beginning (can be fixed in a future update). Try to attack with your friends.
– Defenders : Don’t forget to buy the Torch when you can and the Double Coin perk ! The torch is very powerful..
– Strikers : When you attack the last (or second) beacon, the War scream scroll can be powerful against your enemies !
– Strikers : Buy the Striker’s staff LV.2 (and, again, the double coin perk) when you can. The Knockback is powerful.
– All teams : Try to upgrade your sword. It’s easier for the strikers !

Beaconators Map Showcase:

How to install Beaconators Map:

  • Download the map.
  • Extract file.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/saves folder.
  • Drag map folder into it.
  • Start minecraft.
  • Enjoy and play.

Download links for Beaconators Map:

For Minecraft 1.8