Birds Mod 1.4.7 adds a variety of birds and gives a good atmosphere in the game.

  • Added Cage for Parrot, use cage on parrot.
  • Added Peacock
  • Added Config
  • Added Pan
  • New Omelette crafting



Mobs info:

Birds Mod 1.4.7 Installation:

  • Download Minecraft Forge
  • Open C:UsersAdminAppDataRoaming.Minecraft
  • Open minecraft.jar
  • Delete the  ‘META-INF’
  • Drag the Minecraft Forge content into your minecraft.jar
  • Download Birds Mod
  • Locate your /mods folder
  • If no such folder exists, create one inside your .minecraft folder
  • Drag into our /mods folder
  • Drag resources folder into .minecraft.
  • Installation complete!

Download Links for Birds Mod 1.4.7