About BoxCraft Resource Pack 

BoxCraft Resource Pack for Minecraft Frostburn update version that added new blocks and some new sounds.

This is BoxCraft! Boxxy like textures, to give some interesting looks to Minecraft!





How to install BoxCraft Resource Pack for Minecraft


  • 1. Download BoxCraft (of course)
  • 2. Press Windows Key+R
  • 3. Type “%appdata%” then press Enter
  • 4. Click “.minecraft”
  • 5. Then click and drag “BoxCraft” and drop it into “texturepacks” (or “resourcepacks”)

Mac OSX:

  • 1. Download BoxCraft (of course)
  • 2. Put “minecraft” icon, into an empty folder on your desktop.
  • 3. Open “BoxCraft”, then click and drop its contents into the empty folder with the minecraft icon in it.
  • 4. Your done.
  • (Note: This is the simplest way. For odd reasons Mac’s Minecraft directory is little weird, with the simple texturepack area. There is a way to fix it, but I can’t explain here. Please search on Google or YouTube for that tutorial)


  • 1. Download BoxCraft (of course)
  • 2. Open your Home folder
  • 3. Now in the location, type /home/[Username here]/.minecraft/
  • 4. Now click and drag “BoxCraft” and drop it into “texturepacks” (or “resourcepacks”)

Download links for BoxCraft Resource Pack: