About City of Love Map

City of Love Map. The first ever “dating sim” in Minecraft. Explore the city of love and find your perfect match. Complete loads of challenges to swoon your significant other. Will you find the one right for you or will you amass a bunch of haters?


This map is NOT compatible with certain bukkit plugins because it uses vanilla command block commands. Also, it’s very computer intensive and you will likely experience lag on a slower pc. Turning smooth lighting off will help dramatically. If, you didn’t spawn at the beginning, the starting coordinates are: x:-1340 y:57 z:2081.

This was supposed to be a 2 week project that ballooned into a full scale adventure/puzzle map. It has some amazing puzzles and challenges including a level of NPC AI that has never been seen before on this scale. There are over 6 different citizens you can end up with, with a tonne of collectibles and things that are tracked over the course of the map

You MUST use the included (its in the download file) texture pack to play this map. If playing on SMP ensure enable-command-block is set to true in the server.properties file! It will not work without these things.

This map is intended for single player, however it IS compatible with multiplayer as long as you only have one person talking to a character at a time. IE: if P1 is talking to Amy, P2 cannot talk to Amy, but P2 can be talking to Shaz. For more specifics on multiplayer, more details are inside the map.


Random Persons Scorecard


City of Love Map Installation:

  • Download the map to a place that you will remember (Downloads folder, Dekstop, wherever)
  • Unzip or Unrar the file using your archiver of choice (WinRAR, 7Zip, etc).
  • Copy the folder that was unzipped, unrared, etc., and navigate to your Minecraft saves folder:If you’re running Windows, your saves are located here:Press the Windows Key and R at the same time. In this dialogue type (or copy and paste) the following%appdata%\.minecraft\savesIf you’re running on a Mac, your saves are located here:/Users/*username*/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/If you’re running Linux, your saves are located here:`/.minecraft/saves/
  • Paste the folder and re-name it if you desire.
  • Put the texture pack zip file, as is (don’t extract the textures), into the texture pack folder.
  • Play Minecraft with City of Love installed!

Texture Pack: Include in the download file

Download links for City of Love Map: