About Father’s Quest Map

If you ever have dreamed about a map with storyline spiced with dozens of explosions, than Father’s Quest is a map for you.


Briefing: Your father invited you and your brothers to his Farm, but as soon as you get there, you realise that he dissapeared. The only thing left is his destroyed Farm, and a mysterious letter. What could possibly happen? Maybe an apocalypse? Maybe your father is not just an ordinary farmer? Will you be able to find him?

First you’ll find yourself restoring the Farm, which your father was working on, and later, without warning, you’ll find yourself fighting with the most vicious monsters of Hell.


  • This map supports up to 4 players, but it’s also fully enjoyable alone.
  • Play in Survival gamemode.
  • Follow the plot of the story, and try to complete the objectives you get from the letters. But don’t go to the other side of the map without a reason.

Father’s Quest Map Screenshots:





Download link for Father’s Quest Map: