About Karma – Superyacht Terraform Map

Karma – Superyacht Terraform Map. Terraform – Tropical Islands: The terrain seems to be an ancient volcano that began an atol and some volcanoes. You will appear on the yacht, that is placed on the ancient exctint crater of the islands.


Yacht – Superyacht:

The yacht is 90 x 15 x 30 blocks, so I consider that there were a lot of space to be filled with. The latest version showed a furnished yacht but very empty itself. This version includes new features, to make the yacht look bigger and more luxurious:

  • A new Helipad that includes a cute model.
  • A disco-bar.
  • More rooms (3 more) and the fully renovated Master Bedroom.
  • Some confortable and large stairs to make the yacht look more modern.

Karma has got 4 decks:

  1. Underwater deck: Disco Bar, Glass Floored Lounge, Engine Room
  2. Cockpit: Back Terrace, Entrance, Orange, Yellow and Grey Bedroom, Master Bedroom, Kitchen, Dining Room, Small Living Room, Bathroom and Storage Room.
  3. 1st Floor: Large Living Room, Control Bridge, Pool, DJ setup
  4. Helipad

Karma – Superyacht Terraform Map Screenshots:




Texture pack: Soartex Fanver Texture Pack

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