About Nail Map

Nail Map created by Rixiot is based on the principle of Defense Map. Indeed, 2v2 to 8v8 playable (4v4).


An attempt at bringing the competitive edge to the defense genre. Modeled after the 4 man team structure set by the RMCT tournament series. Both teams start from the same gate, but the Defending team has roughly a one minute headstart over the Invading team, with this time the Defenders can set traps, destroy structures, raid supply chests, bolster defenses, etc. The Defending team makes their way to their castle and protects 2 sponge blocks in their keep. The Invaders have 20 minutes to destroy the blocks before the game ends. There are several integrated mechanisms and the map can easily be played in vanilla minecraft.

Nail Map Screenshots:








  • Got rid of back bedrock wall and reworked the wiring on the shield generator
  • Removed wooden pressure plate from right side to show that only the left dispenser is actually the cobweb timer. The one on the right is cosmetic.
  • Removed flint & steel from the cobweb timer dispenser in preparation for the dispenser changes. The TNT will remain in the right one though

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