This is a mod which adds some things form the book series Percy Jackson! It adds weapons from some of the characters and new ores and other tools!

Special Weapons:

  • Riptide never breaks and can into a pen and back!
  • Maimer does a lot of damage to mobs but it does break!
    Backbiter is an easy to make sword and is nearly as good as a diamond sword!
  • Annabeth’s Knife doesn’t need too much resources and is a great weapon!
  • Katoptris (Piper’s Knife) is the exact same as Annabeth’s Knife, except for the recipe!
  • The Minotaurs Axe has lots of uses and doesn’t need too much resources and acts as a sword and axe!
  • Julius can change from a spear to a sword and never breaks!

Screenshots and Recipes:

Celestial Bronze Ore/Ingot/Tools/Armor

Imperial Gold Ore/Ingot

Stygian Iron tools/armor


Special Weapons




Minotaur’s Axe

Annabeth’s Knife

Julius (Right click to change form)


Camp Half Blood Shirt

Camp Jupiter Shirt



  • 1. Download this mod
  • 2. Download Modloader
  • 3. Open minecraft.jar
  • 4. Delete META-INF
  • 5. Open modloader and drag all files into minecraft.jar
  • 6. Open Percy Jackson Weapons and More Mod and drag all files into minecraft.jar

Author: Riptide1999