What is Rare Ores?

Rareores is in short, a fairly large mod that will completely change the way you mine! Adding 5 new ores (Two of which are Nether Ores!) , this mod extends the tier system to a whole new level. But why this mod? Why not download something like SimpleOres, Metallurgy, or some other ore mod? Easy as cake! It is because this mod does what no other mod has done before. Extending the tier system, adding end game items, without ruining the feel the vanilla minecraft, or without overpowered unbalanced items.


The Ores:

Rare Ores Mod

Each ore becomes exponentially more rare than the last. Pherithium, Crystinium, and Tophinite are in the normal world and each has its own special recipies and materials used to craft powerful and useful end game items. Magrolith and Necronite are found in the Nether and also used in many special items and tools.

Glow Wood

Rare Ores Mod

Glowwood is a new uncommon tree that spawns in the forest biome, the wood is very tough and cannot be collected right away. The wood replaces normal wood that would be used in crafting recipes for the new ores. Below are a list of possible combinations that are able to harvest the wood.

Rare Ores Mod


Rare Ores Mod

  • Pherithium drops 2-8 pherithium scraps.
  • Magrolith and Necronite have a rare chance to drop a Dark Essence
  • GlowWood Leaves have a chance to drop a glowwood sapling.

Pherithium Lumps are crafted like below, then smelted for a Pherithium Bar.

Rare Ores Mod

Basic Crafting

Tools, and armor are crafted in the normal respected manner, except that they use glowwood instead of normal wood.

Rare Ores Mod

Rare Ores Mod

Bows are also avalible in this mod made from both vanilla and ores from the mod, the better the ore the better the bow, ones made from vanilla use normal sticks.
Rare Ores Mod

The Process of Trillint

Trillint is a slow but long lasting tool, works best with a high level enchantment.

Rare Ores Mod

Rare Ores Mod

Rare Ores Mod

Rare Ores Mod

Trillint is the equivalent of iron in speed, damage, and protection. However, with tools with infinite durability, enchanting may be highly considered for this tool. Unfortunately, enchantment tables cannot be used on trillint, you must use anvils and books!(Enchantments higher than the third degree will not work)

Crafting / Info

Read here for other information about the mod and to learn about all other crafting recipies!

Tool / Armor Chart

In armor section, the numbers in the parentheses represent environmental protection, while in the tools section it represents the sword damage.

Rare Ores Mod


GlowWood PlanksRare Ores Mod

GlowWood SticksRare Ores Mod

Pherithium ArrowheadsRare Ores Mod

Pherithium Arrows(Used in Rareores bows, do 25% more damage)Rare Ores Mod

Pherithium IgniterRare Ores Mod

Growth Staff(Acts like bonemeal)Rare Ores Mod

Pherithium Mix(Thick is shown, use redstone for thin)Rare Ores Mod

Magrolith Apple(Gives speed/strength buffs, Necronite gives health boosts)Rare Ores Mod


GlowWood Crate (33% more storage than normal Wood)Rare Ores Mod

Pherithium Crate(x5 more storage than wood)Rare Ores Mod

Chaotic Inferno(Smelts things instantly by right clicking, uses coal, gives extra XP)Rare Ores Mod

Nullifier(Item)(Used as an activator in Nullifier block)Rare Ores Mod
To charge surround in 4 redstone and glowstone blocks.

Nullifier(Block)Rare Ores Mod

StartRare Ores Mod

End- Partially refunds XPRare Ores Mod

Final Tier

The Utility(Shovel and Axe in One)Rare Ores Mod

Miners FuryRare Ores Mod

Nethers Wrath(Base)Rare Ores Mod

Nether’s Wrath(Blade)Rare Ores Mod

Nethers Wrath(sword)Rare Ores Mod

Guardian’s Armor(Follow same pattern for other pieces)Rare Ores Mod

FireCharge Launcher(High Damage and range!)Rare Ores Mod

Nether Bow(Incredibly High Damage and Arrow Speed)Rare Ores Mod

Ability Boosters

Base Item(Used in all recipies)Rare Ores Mod

SpeedRare Ores Mod

JumpRare Ores Mod

ResistanceRare Ores Mod

StrengthRare Ores Mod

NightVisionRare Ores Mod

HasteRare Ores Mod

Some can be combined with a dark essence to make even more powerful versions!

How to install Rare Ores Mod:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Rare Ores Mod
  • Put zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it. If you don’t have a mods folder, create it
  • Enjoy



  • Updated to 1.6.4

Download Rare Ores Mod:

For Minecraft 1.6.4

For Minecraft 1.6.2