Realistic Western Guns Data Pack introduces you to the old-fashioned western guns. The rifle is based on Winchester Model 1886 and replaces the crossbow in the game. The revolver is based on the Colt 1851 Navy and replaces the bow.
What are you waiting for? Become the fastest gun the west in your Minecraft realm now. You can start dueling other players and play out a virtual standoff in your town.

Note: This data pack uses a resource pack so make sure to Extract the zip file and put the “data” folder and the “resource” folder in the right place.



  • Replace the sound of gunshot and gun impact with realistic high quality sound.
  • Authentic reload sound effect.
  • Custom guns model and guns texture.
  • Impact particle when ammo hitting the ground, smoke after shooting.

Data pack update log:

  • Adds Zero gravity bullet.
  • Normal bow and crossbow recipe are now unable to craft.













How to Install:

  1. Download the data pack from the link below.
  2. Launch Minecraft. At the main menu, choose Singleplayer.
  3. Select the world you want to install this data pack, then click on Edit button at the bottom of the screen. Choose Open World Folder. A window will pop out — open data packs folder. Now you should drop the data pack compressed file you have just downloaded into that folder.
  4. Right click the data pack Zip file and press Extract here.
  5. Paste the resource file into the resource folder in Minecraft.
  6. Back to the game, press Save to complete.
  7. Enter the world and enjoy it. If you didn’t get the installation message, run the command /reload. If you cannot use /reload command, you should create a new world.

Realistic Western Guns Data Pack Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.14.1

Download to Server 1Download to Server 2

For Minecraft 1.14.2

Download to Server 1Download to Server 2