This mod adds magic rune stones that right now are like weak potions but i will be adding more types that don’t just add potion effects soon. There are 3 tiers of runes right now they are stone, obsidian, and end stone. Right now only the first tier has runes in it.


What the items do?

  • Health Rune:Heals 1 hearth.
  • Mining Rune:10 seconds of mining haste 3.
  • Wind Rune:10 seconds of jump boost.
  • Water Rune:10 seconds of water breathing.
  • Fire Rune:10 seconds of fire protection.
  • Speed Rune:10 seconds of swiftness.
  • Superior Health Rune:Heals 2 hearts.
  • Superior Mining Rune:20 seconds of mining haste 5.
  • Superior Wind Rune:20 seconds of jump boost 2.
  • Superior Water Rune:20 seconds of water breathing 2.
  • Time Rune:Sets night to day and day to night.
  • Superior Speed Rune:20 seconds of swiftness 2.
  • Exalted Health Rune:Heals 4 hearts(bugged fixed soon)
  • Exalted Water Rune:40 seconds of water breathing 3.
  • Exalted Fire Rune:Shoots a fireball.
  • Exalted Wind Rune:40 seconds of jump boost 3.
  • Exalted Mining:40 seconds of mining haste 8.
  • Exalted Speed Rune:40 seconds of swiftness 3.


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download zip file
  • Copy and paste the extracted mod into the mods folder in your .minecraft folder
  • Done

For Minecraft 1.6.2

For Minecraft 1.5.2