About SkyBlock Warriors Map

SkyBlock Warriors Map have 4 Skyblocks, 4 Teams, 1 Winner! – When Skyblock meets PvP! Battle your friends in the sky and be the final Survivor! An experience like you’ve never had before.





Cobblestone generator tutorial (you’ll need this):

In Download file:

  • Single Arena world: Must reset the whole world after each game
  • Multiple Arena world: Contains multiple arenas so you don’t have to reset the whole world when the game is done!
  • Schematic file: Simple Schematic of the arena and the lobby, so you can just place it where you want!



Center Chest:

  • Removed some arrows
  • Added Snowballs
  • Added Creeper Heads
  • Added Swiftness potion

Side Chest:

  • Removed 2 String and added 1 cobbweb: You can no longer craft a bow just from one side chest! You must go to two different ones.
  • Added torches
  • Added food

Skyblock Chests:

  • Added TEAM COLOR leather chestplates! (I don’t know why I did not do that before)
  • Added trapdoors: for cobble collection glitch (Consists in basically placing a trapdoor on top of the lava and the water on the sides of the cobble that is being generated, and then collecting the cobble from where it is being generated. You will not be pushed on top or on the side. 100 percent efficiency!

General: Edited some signs and some parts of the lobby.

Gemeplays: Sky, Mitch, MU, and many more have now made some gameplays of SW! It’s blowing up! Thank you to them, I hope you all enjoy this game.

Download links for SkyBlock Warriors Map: